ITE Singapore Visits STTI NIIT: Fostering Collaboration for a Brighter Future

In today’s interconnected world, collaboration is the key to achieving remarkable goals. Embracing the ABCGM (Academic, Business, Community, Government, and Media) concept, Nusantara Data Center Academy recently facilitated a visit from Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Singapore to STTI NIIT ITech on Tuesday, July 2, 2024. This event was organized with the hope of forging meaningful partnerships and collaborative ventures in the future.

STTI NIIT, popularly known as I-Tech, offers undergraduate programs in Information Systems, with specializations in Multimedia and Enterprise Information System (EIS), and Informatics Engineering, specializing in Networking and Mobile Application. What sets STTI NIIT apart is its welcoming and homely campus environment, perfectly exemplified by the warmth and hospitality extended by its staff during this visit.

The tour showcased not only STTI NIIT’s advanced academic programs but also its commitment to creating a nurturing learning atmosphere. The collaboration between ITE Singapore and STTI NIIT promises to open doors to numerous opportunities, fostering innovation and knowledge sharing.

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