Season 2Podcast Nusantara

Season 2 Episode 1(Part A & B)

“GREEN DATA CENTER: Opportunities & Implementation Challenges in Indonesia"

In this episode, we discuss about Green Data Center covering the following topics :

  • Data Centers and Emissions: Exploring the Impact.
  • The Crucial Need for Green Data Centers.
  • Fossil Fuel-Free Operation: A Possibility for Data Centers?
  • Key Components for Transitioning to Green Data Centers.
  • Diversifying Energy Usage in the Data Center Industry.
  • Solar Panel Regulations in the Data Center Sector.
  • Certifications for Green Data Centers: Are They Available?
  • Achievable Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in Indonesia.
  • PUE of 1.0: A Dream or a Reality?
  • Unveiling Massive Investments: Building and Operating Green Data Centers.
HOST: Rajeni ray
Invited Subject matter expertS:

1. Dondy Bappedyanto (Chief Executive Officer, PT Biznet Gio Nusantara)

2. Wisnoe Pribadi (Head od Green DC Standard & White Paper Draft, IDPRO)