Season 2Podcast Nusantara

Season 2 Episode 3 (Part A & B)

“Are We Ready for A.I? : Transforming Data Centers for the Future "

In this episode, we discuss about A.I in Data Center in Indonesia covering the following topics :

  1. The Impact of AI Development on Indonesia’s Data Center Industry
  2. How Indonesian Data Centers Prepare for the AI Boom?
  3. Exploring Cutting-Edge Technologies with Retrofit Concepts, Eliminating the Need for Significant Data Hall Renovations
  4. Are Cloud Providers the Primary Customers of Data Center Lease in Indonesia?
  5. Will the Growth of AI Alter Data Center Infrastructure in Terms of Design and Location Selection?
  6. Essential Steps for Non-AI Data Centers to Transition into AI-Ready Facilities
  7. Is it possible for Data Centers located outside the city to transform into AI Data Centers?
  8. Are AI Data Centers conflict with sustainability goals?
  9. Are there already Data Centers in Indonesia utilizing renewable energy?
  10. Implementation of AI & Cybersecurity curriculum in vocational high schools
  11. Does the development of blockchain affect Data Centers in Indonesia?
  12. Other factors to consider with the presence of AI
  13. What is the demand for AI Data Centers in Indonesia currently like?
HOST: Ayu Saptarika
Invited Subject matter expertS:

1. Hazlan Hezri (Senior Program Manager, Microsoft)

2. Bizardy Ilham (Data Center Solutions Manager, Legrand Indonesia)

Season 2 Episode 2 (Part A & B)

“Data Center Project Construction & Management: Revealing What’s Going On Behind The Curtain"

In this episode, we discuss about Data Center Project Construction & Management covering the following topics :

  1. Opportunities and challenges have arisen due to data center rapid expansion in Indonesia.
  2. Parties that are involved in data center construction.
  3. The evolution of site selection for constructing a new data center over the past 10 years.
  4. Is DC supposed to be working in 24 hours?
  1. Overcoming the domino effect of delays in the supply chain.
  2. Is the 2-year lead time still applicable?
  3. The implication of AI on future data center design
  4. Ensuring that a skilled and efficient workforce is available in Indonesia
  5. Trends in the Data Center Industry.
  6. Is there any possibility that the power comes from nuclear sources?
HOST: Intan tiara dewi
Invited Subject matter expertS:

1. Stephanus Tumbelaka (Former Managing Director, Princeton Digital Group)

2. Chris Yates (Former Project Director, Pure Data Centres Group)

Season 2 Episode 1(Part A & B)

“GREEN DATA CENTER: Opportunities & Implementation Challenges in Indonesia"

In this episode, we discuss about Green Data Center covering the following topics :

  • Data Centers and Emissions: Exploring the Impact.
  • The Crucial Need for Green Data Centers.
  • Fossil Fuel-Free Operation: A Possibility for Data Centers?
  • Key Components for Transitioning to Green Data Centers.
  • Diversifying Energy Usage in the Data Center Industry.
  • Solar Panel Regulations in the Data Center Sector.
  • Certifications for Green Data Centers: Are They Available?
  • Achievable Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in Indonesia.
  • PUE of 1.0: A Dream or a Reality?
  • Unveiling Massive Investments: Building and Operating Green Data Centers.
HOST: Rajeni ray
Invited Subject matter expertS:

1. Dondy Bappedyanto (Chief Executive Officer, PT Biznet Gio Nusantara)

2. Wisnoe Pribadi (Head od Green DC Standard & White Paper Draft, IDPRO)

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