We Empower The Creation of Digital Ecosystems Through Talent Reskilling and Upskilling Programs for Indonesia


We join forces with industry associations and ICT sectors stakeholders to bridge the knowledge/skills gaps and shortage happening in the Indonesian ICT industry.

We have the capacity to build and operate learning/development programs with various industry partners in the ICT ecosystem.


We are helping organizations to strategize and execute their own learning and development academies to create supply of specific talents which will be required to work in specific positions.

We do not issue formal/higher education degree, instead we complement existing formal education’s curriculum with work-ready learning contents, preparing the talents with practical competencies for their first day at work.

We also create continuous career progression for those who have already been in the field but require a further development or a certain certification.



Why Nusantara Academy is Unique ?

Reduce Unemployment
Providing Higher Income Opportunity
Increase Nation Competitiveness
Bridging the Skills Gap
Career Progression
Creating Digital Talents Pool
A map of Nusantara Academy's reach throughout Indonesia
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CBD Rasuna Said Area
Epicentrum Walk Level 5
HR. Rasuna Said St. Karet Kuningan
South Jakarta, 12940

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Telephone : (+62) 21-3115-1798 Mobile : (+62) 851-7428-6258

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