Season 1 Podcast Nusantara

Season 1 Episode 11(Part A & B)

“bUILDING THE FUTURE: insights to Indonesia's Edge and Hyperscale Data Centers"

In the last episode of Season 1 of the Nusantara Podcast, we discuss the differences between Hyperscale and Edge Data Centers, covering aspects such as building structures, functions, investment values, and operational challenges. We delve into questions like whether sustainability incentives from the government are necessary, if the data center industry is the largest emitter of carbon gas, and how to manage the energy produced by Artificial Intelligence in data centers. Additionally, we explore whether the data center industry is immune to a tech winter.

Invited Subject matter expertS:

1. Hendrikus Hendra Gozali (Country Head ST Telemedia Global Data Centers Indonesia)

2. Stephanus Oscar (Chief Executive Officer EDGE DC Indonesia)

Season 1 Episode 10 (Part A & B)

“From Manual to Automated : Navigating the Evolution of Data Center Management”

In collaboration with Mr. Adi Nino, Vice President of Bank Central Asia, we engaged in a comprehensive discussion on the intricacies of data center automation – delving into its processes, considerations, and metrics. Our discourse extended to the seamless integration of artificial intelligence within this automation framework, exploring the adoption dynamics and collaborative strategies essential for synergy between human expertise and machine efficiency.

Invited Subject matter expert:

Adi Heru Satrio P. (Vice President IT System Operations Strategic Information Technology Group Bank BCA)

Season 1 Episode 9 (Part A, B, & C)

“Maintaning Power Quality, Realibility, and Efficiency in the Data Center : Are we there yet?”

In this riveting podcast episode, we bring you insights from three distinguished experts. Together, we delve deep into the intricate world of electrical systems and distribution within data centers, uncover the critical pillars of Power Quality, Reliability, and Efficiency that form the backbone of seamless data center operations, explore the ever-evolving landscape of technology within data centers, and gaining insights into the strides made in recent times.

Discover the art of selecting the perfect genset to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your data center operations. Our experts share valuable strategies, shedding light on PLN’s initiatives to enhance power capacity specifically tailored for the dynamic needs of the data center industry.

Invited Subject matter experts:

1. Agus Suhendar (Assistant Manager of Energy Transactions at PLN UP3 Serpong)

2. Suminto Sosrosaputro, IPU (Senior Advisor at IDPRO)

3. Sutjipta Suwandi (CEO of PT Vektordaya Mekatrika)

Season 1 Episode 8 (Part A, B, & C)

"Keeping the Data Center Cool in Indonesia: The more cooling the better?"

In this engaging podcast episode, we delved into the intricate realm of data center cooling in the Indonesian context. Joined by esteemed guests Herlin Herlianika, President of ASHRAE chapter Indonesia, and Indri Prisilia, Managing Director of Stulz Indonesia, we explored the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the tropical climate in Indonesia. From discussions on precision cooling and eco-friendly solutions to insights into innovative technologies, our guests provided a comprehensive overview of the current state and future trends in data center cooling. The conversation also touched on the crucial role of collaboration between industry leaders and organizations, such as ASHRAE and Stulz, in advancing the efficiency and sustainability of data center cooling solutions.

Invited Subject matter experts:

1. Herlin Herlianika (President ASHRAE Indonesia Chapter)

2. Indri Prisilia (Managing Director Stulz Indonesia)  

Season 1 Episode 7 (Part A & B)

"The Journey towards Green Data Center Standardization in Indonesia"

Embark on a transformative journey in our podcast, “The Journey towards Green Data Center Standardization in Indonesia.” Join us as we discuss the dynamic world of data centers, sustainability, and standardization in the Indonesian context. Discover how Indonesia is making strides in establishing green data center practices and aligning them with international standards to reduce environmental impact. We’ll hear from experts and industry leaders as they share their insights, experiences, and visions for a greener, more sustainable future in data center operations, ultimately driving positive change and setting the standard for eco-friendly data management practices in the region.

Invited Subject matter experts:

1. Hendra Suryakusuma (Chairman of IDPRO)

2. Gatot Prawiro (Head of Industry Working Group MASKEEI)  

Season 1 Episode 6 (Part A & B)

"Data Center & Banking in Indonesia: Navigating The Challenge of Technology & Layered Regulations"

In this illuminating podcast, join us for a deep dive into the intricate world of Data Centers and Banking in Indonesia, where technology and layered regulations intertwine. Our insightful discussion features two prominent voices from the Indonesian banking sector, each bringing unique perspectives and experiences to the table. Together, they navigate the complex challenges faced by banks in this rapidly evolving digital age, shedding light on the crucial role of data centers in ensuring the security and efficiency of financial operations while also complying with Indonesia’s intricate regulatory landscape. Tune in to gain valuable insights into the future of banking technology in Indonesia and how these institutions are successfully navigating the intricate web of regulations to drive innovation and progress in the industry.

Invited Subject matter experts:

1. Hermawan Thendean (Former Senior Executive VP Bank BCA)

2. Billy Guan (VP IT Service Operation Bank Permata)  

Season 1 Episode 5 (Part A, B, C, and D)

"Developing Digital Talents to Meet the Demands of Indonesia's Digital Sector Growth"

Throughout the discussion, Dr. Ashwin Sasongko and Mr. Erick Hadi explore the new perspective, innovative initiatives, and potential collaborations that can help narrow the digital divide in Indonesia’s economy. Their shared vision for a digitally inclusive society provides a roadmap for policymakers, industry leaders, and individuals to contribute to the country’s digital transformation.

Invited Subject matter experts:

1. Ashwin Sasongko Sastrosubroto (Head of DIGITALENT at Masyarakat Telematika/MASTEL)

2. Erick Hadi (Founder of Nusantara Academy / CEO at Electronic Science Indonesia)  

Season 1 Episode 4 (Part A and B)

"Keeping Up With the Demand : Data Center Industrial Parks in Indonesia"

In this podcast, we discuss the demands and challenges faced by data centers in Indonesia’s industrial parks. We’ll gain a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute to their success. Our experts will touch upon critical aspects such as infrastructure, connectivity, sustainability, and the regulatory landscape. They will also explore the opportunities and potential growth areas within this dynamic industry.

Invited Subject matter experts:

1. Tsuyoshi Ohara (Head of Technical Planning and Construction at PT. Puradelta Lestari, Tbk)

2. Abednego Purnomo (Vice President Sales & Marketing at PT. Suryacipta)  

Season 1 Episode 3 (Part A, B, and C)

"Renewable Energy Solutions for Green Data Centers in Indonesia"

(Solusi Energi Terbarukan untuk Pusat Data Hijau Indonesia)

Invited Subject matter experts:

1. Sohasuhatan Panggabean (Project Director – GDS Services)

2. R.M. Soedjono Respati / Jon Respati (Ketua Masyarakat Konservasi dan Efisiensi Energi Indonesia (MASKEEI))  

Sari Octaviani Sohasuhatan Panggabean Jon Respati Erick Hadi Nawi Jaya

Season 1 Episode 2 (Part A, B, and C)

"The Importance of Data Sovereignty in the context of digital Transformation"

Data sovereignty, in the context of digital transformation, refers to the crucial aspect of retaining control over one’s data and ensuring its storage and processing comply with relevant regulations and laws within a specific jurisdiction. In the data center industry, data sovereignty holds significant importance as organizations increasingly rely on cloud computing, cross-border data transfers, and global collaborations. By adhering to data sovereignty principles, businesses can protect sensitive information, maintain privacy, and mitigate potential risks associated with data breaches or unauthorized access. Furthermore, ensuring data sovereignty promotes trust among customers and stakeholders, fostering a conducive environment for innovation and sustainable growth in the digital era. This second episode was hosted by the Program Manager of Nusantara Academy, Ms. Sari Octaviani.

Invited Subject matter experts:

1. Muhammad Arif (Ketua Umum Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII))

2. Hendra Suryakusuma (Ketua Umum Indonesia Data Centre Provider Organisation (IDPRO))  

"Reaching the Potential of Data Center Industry With Competent and Skilled Professional"

In this first episode, three industry experts delve into the critical role played by highly competent and skilled professionals in unlocking the full potential of the data center industry. The episode explores the ever-increasing demand for data centers and the complexities involved in designing, building, and maintaining these facilities. We addressed the importance of continuous professional development, training programs, and certifications in enhancing the capabilities of individuals working in this dynamic field. This pilot episode was hosted by the Program Manager of Nusantara Academy, Ms. Sari Octaviani.

INVITED Subject matter Experts:

1. Yudi Sutrisno (Country Director Yondr Operations Indonesia)

2. Andi Santoso (PT Sumber Data Indonesia)

3. Edwin Pramudita  Wikanta (General Manager Red Engineering Indonesia)

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