Founder's Message

With the right set of education,
we are not paying for the cost of talent.
We are paying for assurance."

-- Erick Hadi
Founder of Nusantara Academy

The name “Nusantara” came from the idea of the opportunity to unite different facets of Indonesia into one “greater force of change”, together through education.

Behind the Nusantara logo is a way of thinking about our place in the world and an aspiration to making an impact that matters. We call this our perpetual spirit.

It is based on a fundamental belief in unlimited human potential, striving for continuous improvement, pushing the existing boundaries, and taking the long-term view.

Born in the age of science, Nusantara Academy employs the ever-advancing frontier of human knowledge in developing Indonesian digital talents to cater the triangle of essential life skills:

  1. Specific competency skills: represented by aptitudes and background in a certain field.

  2. Thinking and creativity skills: include both higher-order skills and creative cognitive habits

  3. Behavioural and social skills: include skills like self-confidence, management, and leadership

Nusantara Academy has the mission to equip the future talents to become the best, fullest version of themselves.

We invite anyone and any organization who would like to contribute in our collective efforts to foster a stronger workforce of educated people and contribute to national economic growth.

Salam Unity!

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