Podcast Nusantara, in collaboration with ABB


“Building A More Powerful Indonesia with Less Energy"

Energy plays a critical role in driving economic growth and shaping lifestyles, especially in Indonesia, the largest and rapidly expanding energy consumer in Southeast Asia. However, the looming specter of carbon emissions from energy generators, coupled with concerns about rising energy costs, demands urgent attention. In response, energy efficiency and the adoption of renewable energy have emerged as key trends. Coupled with the potential of AI, these solutions hold the promise of a more sustainable future.


Erick Hadi (Podcast Nusantara)

Invited Subject matter expertS:
  1. Tuomo Höysniemi – President, Drive Products, ABB Motion

  2. Gatot S. Prawiro – Chief Business Development Officer, Maxpower Group

  3. Adhiguna Mahendra – Chief of AI & Business, Nodeflux
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