ITE Singapore Visits EDGE Data Center: Advancing Data Center Education with Nusantara Data Center Academy

On Tuesday, July 2, 2024, in alignment with the mission of the Nusantara Data Center Academy to foster vocational education within the data center industry, the Academy facilitated visit of a delegation from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Singapore to EDGE DC. This visit marks a significant milestone in enhancing the educational experiences and professional capabilities of ITE students, providing them with hands-on exposure to the dynamics of a modern data center.

EDGE Data Center, strategically situated in the heart of Jakarta, boasts prime connectivity by being in close proximity to two major Internet Exchanges, IIX and OpenIXP. This advantageous location ensures minimal latency and optimal availability, making it an ideal learning hub for future data center professionals.

The event commenced with a welcome address by Stephanus Oscar, CEO of EDGE DC. Following the opening remarks, Oksi Irawan Harisetyo, the Head of Operations at EDGE DC, conducted an insightful session on the operational aspects of data center management. We are truly amazed by how the EDGE DC teams welcomed us on this tour.

The facilitation of this visit by the Nusantara Data Center Academy underscores the commitment to providing ITE Singapore’s students with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in data center operations, preparing them to meet the challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving sector. The collaboration between ITE Singapore, Nusantara Data Center Academy, and EDGE Data Center exemplifies a shared dedication to nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals in the data center industry.

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