ITE Singapore Visit to NeutraDC: A Journey into Advanced Data Center Technology

On Wednesday, July 3, 2024, the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Singapore embarked on an educational tour of NeutraDC (PT. Telkom Data Ekosistem). This insightful visit was facilitated by the Nusantara Data Center Academy, aimed at providing students with a firsthand look into the latest advancements in data center technology.

NeutraDC stands out as a paragon of modern data center infrastructure, boasting robust redundancies to ensure uninterrupted service. The facility features triple routing for seamless connectivity and dual substations to secure a reliable power supply, underscoring its commitment to operational excellence. It offers a range of tailored solutions, from private suites to shared spaces, each designed to meet varying security and space needs of its diverse clientele.

The visit provided ITE students with an invaluable opportunity to observe the inner workings of a world-class data center, broadening their understanding of the technology and operations that underpin today’s digital economy. They explored the sophisticated systems and protocols that NeutraDC employs to maintain high standards of reliability and security.

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