NDCA Connect Fest: The First Online Community Gathering Nusantara Data Center Academy

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, the Nusantara Digital Community, a community built by the Nusantara Data Center Academy, conducted an online community gathering. The event was a live broadcast with a panel discussion on the topic: “2023 Data Center Industry Reflection and Anticipating Its Challenges in 2024.”

Mr. Hendra Suryakusuma, Chairman of the Asosiasi Penyelenggara Data Center Indonesia – IDPRO, Mr. Muhamad Deta, VP of IT Automation and Security at NeutraDC, and Mr. Yudi Sutrisno, Country Manager at Yondr Group, shared valuable insights, leading this interactive discussion.

Here are the main takeaways:

  1. Data Center Growth: The industrial data center sector in Indonesia is experiencing significant expansion. Notably, IDPRO welcomed four new members, each with a capacity exceeding 200 MW. This growth is fueled by substantial foreign investments, indicating confidence in Indonesia’s data center industry. An encouraging trend is the widespread internet access, with 78% of Indonesians already connected, providing a solid foundation for the data center industry.

  2. Challenges in 2023: Challenges for 2023 include the industry’s dependence on PLN for power supply and difficulties in maintaining an adequate power supply. Talent acquisition is another concern, leading IDPRO to collaborate with Nusantara Data Center Academy for a specialized program in partnership with KOMINFO. NeutraDC consistently conducts development programs for its talent, participating in training organized by Nusantara Data Center Academy.

  3. Green Initiatives: IDPRO is taking proactive steps to address power needs by launching a green data center whitepaper in collaboration with MASKEEI, focusing on energy conservation and efficiency.

  4. Technological Innovations: Data centers, such as NeutraDC (Telkom Data Ekosistem), are adopting innovative technologies like Hot Aisle Containment, efficient ducting, IoT integration, and predictive analysis to optimize power usage.

  5. Business Potential in 2024: Looking ahead to 2024, Indonesia’s data center business remains highly promising, operating at less than 500 MW, with the potential for 2.3 GW in 2030. Innovations like AI contribute to the industry’s potential. However, addressing challenges in 2024, such as renewable energy and achieving net carbon zero, requires understanding regulations and ensuring the workforce possesses the necessary knowledge and capabilities. Mr. Hendra emphasizes Indonesia’s advantageous position, with a tech-savvy population of 278 million, 70% under 30, and local data storage regulations driving positive growth.


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